A Home Automation System Can Improve Your Home Security

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Home automation has many fun and useful features, such as detecting when you get up in the morning so your coffee pot is triggered to turn on. However, it has more practical uses as well, such as keeping you and your home safe. Home automation can be combined with a home security system so you can monitor and control your home from a distance. Here are some features you might find useful.

Motion Detectors That Notify You

Motion detectors are a staple in home security systems. They turn on lights when movement is detected so intruders can't lurk in the shadows, and they light your path when you come home at night. With a home automation system, you can have the motion detectors notify you when you're away, if movement occurs in an area where it shouldn't, such as a bedroom. You might receive a text or an email that alerts you to check a home camera to see if there is an intruder present.

Lights That Come On When You Unlock The Door

If you dread coming home when the house is dark at night, set your automation system up to turn on all the lights in the house when your car pulls in the driveway, or when you unlock the door. This increases your safety and makes you feel more comfortable. An automated system can be controlled remotely so you can turn lights on and off to make it look like someone is home and moving from room to room.

Alarms That Are Monitored Remotely

A security alarm isn't much good if no one is around to hear it and respond quickly. Your home automation system can notify you immediately when an alarm goes off at your house. It might be an intruder alarm, or it could be an alarm that detects water or heat. This gives you peace of mind when you're on vacation, knowing that a water heater isn't leaking all over the floor, or that someone isn't trying to break in. Add cameras around the house that can be controlled and viewed on a tablet or smartphone, and you'll be able to see inside and outside your house any time of day or night to check on kids that are home alone, or to monitor your pets.

Smart Locks That Control Your Doors

Smart locks are useful when you have kids that come home alone after school. These locks double as alarms when someone tries to break in, and they can send you messages to let you know when the door has been opened and who has entered your home. One useful aspect of a smart lock when you have kids is that you can open a door remotely when your child forgets a key. You won't have to worry about your child being locked out and left alone until you can get to your house.

You'll find many home security features as well as other fun uses for a smart home automation system. By connecting them to a hub, they can communicate with each other and make your life easier and your home more secure.