5 Features You'll Want To Have In Your Security System

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Does your home currently lack a security system, and you're thinking about adding one for some peace of mind? If so, it will help to know what features to look for so that the system meets your needs. 

Cellular Base Station

Your alarm system needs to communicate with the company that helps monitor your home, and it is typically done by a connection to a landline or the Internet. However, this can be a bit problematic for some people. You may not have an existing phone line, and adding one would add to the monthly cost of the service. You may also have concerns about what happens when you lose your connection to the Internet.  This is why it's worth having a cellular-powered base station installed when you choose your system, which has a cellular antenna in it and can even call the alarm company when the power is out.  

Glass Break Detection

Worried about someone breaking in through a window? In the old days of security systems, this involved placing sensors on the glass that were annoying and did not look great. These days it's possible to install a glass break detector as part of your system, which listens for the distinct sound of glass breaking and alerts you that it happened. Placing these in key places on your first floor can help ensure that you have protection from entry through your windows.

Security Cameras

Adding security cameras will give you some much-needed peace of mind that your home is safe. Not only can they capture people that shouldn't be in your home, but they can allow you to check in on your home remotely through a smartphone app.  This can help you determine if something is a false alarm, or if someone is actually in your home.

Cloud Recording

Having a security camera doesn't do much if you can't go back and see what happened. That's why you want cloud recording where you can go back and see what triggered an alert.  This can also be helpful later if you need to identify someone that tried to break into your home.

Panic Buttons

What do you do if someone were to actually break into your home while the alarm system is deactivated?  Having panic buttons can help sound the alarms and notify the police that someone is in your home that shouldn't be there. It will help to have these panic buttons in places where you may need them the most, such as the bedrooms in case someone breaks in at night.

For more information about security system installation and the elements you can add on, contact a local provider.