Beyond Burglaries And Theft: How A Home Security System Protects Your Family

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As a mom, your number one priority is protecting your kids, and to ensure they're safe, you probably want a home security system. In addition to protecting your family and home from burglaries, these systems can also protect your family in the following ways:

1. Roaming Toddler Alert

If your exterior doors are opened while your alarm is turned off, the devices attached to the doors will not trigger the alarm. That means that the monitoring company will not be notified. However, you can program your system to make a noise whenever the doors are opened, regardless of whether or not the system is on or off.

The alert sound is akin to the beep that sounds when you walk into some retail stores. If you have to slip into the laundry room or the bedroom, your security alarm can help to keep on eye on your toddlers. If they decide to slip out the door, the alert will sound and you will know right away. 

2. Nanny Supervision

If you have a strange nanny or a new babysitter in your home, you can keep on eye on them using the camera attached to your security system. Many systems can be linked to smartphone or computer apps that can accessed anywhere you can get online. That makes it easy to check in on nanny and sitters from work or in the middle of your date night.

3. Fire Detection

If you have a conventional fire alarm, it detects fires as soon as they get smoky. However, by the time a fire is smoky, it is usually out of control. Home fires usually start in bedding or curtains where they smolder for a while before becoming smoky. The fire alarm with a security system can sense these fires as they smolder, ensuring that you know about the fire as soon as possible.

4. Carbon Dioxide Detection

Carbon dioxide poisoning kills 170 people per year. Approximately 115 kids are kidnapped by strangers each year. Based on these numbers, statistically, your child is more likely to die of carbon monoxide poisoning than to be kidnapped by a stranger, but an alarm system with a built in carbon monoxide detector can help to protect your child from both threats.

5. Strangers at the Door

If a stranger comes to your door, you can use your security alarm to check who it is. Many entryway cameras can be attached to your TV on a closed circuit. This gives you peace of mind that it is safe to open the door, and it allows your children to check who is at the door before they open it to a stranger.

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