2 Methods For Protecting Your Company's Servers

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When your company relies on multiple servers to house your private information, you need to protect this equipment. However, to accomplish this goal, you need to add some additional items to the space that will protect your severs at all times.

Card Reader

Having a dedicated room for your servers is a good way to protect them, but you also need to keep unwanted people out of the room. A card reader is a good choice for keeping unwanted people out of the room. The card allows you to program the lock so that it will only recognize the cards of specific employees.

Another option you have is to pick an advanced lock that has an additional security feature. For example, some locks also require a personal pin code or a fingerprint before anyone can unlock the door. These features are designed to stop people who are resourceful enough to steal an access card from one of your employees.

By using a card reader on the outside of the room, you can also track the date and time of when the cards are used. Unfortunately, an employee with permission to enter the room may try to steal information, so you need to know who is entering the room at all times. For this purpose, you can set the locking system to notify you if the server room is opened at suspicious times such as after hours or during the weekend when the business is normally closed.

Vacuum Fire Suppression System

Accidents like an electrical fire can also cause your company to lose a lot of information. With this in mind, you want to look into a fire suppression system. However, in an electrical setting, water is not a great choice for putting out a fire, and a chemical fire suppression compound can damage your servers. For these reasons, a vacuum system is a better option for a server room. This model type removes the air from the room. Without air, the fire cannot continue to consume the items inside the server room.

When this type of system is triggered, the doors of the room seal and it then proceeds to rapidly remove the air from the space. This also means, you do not have to clean up any water or chemical compound after the fire goes out. In many cases, the only damage you need to repair is what the fire did to the space.

Protecting your server room will take planning and time to complete. However, by adding these features to the space, you can feel confident in knowing you have done everything in your power to protect your company's valuable information.