3 Creative Ways To Obtain Video Surveillance Inside Your Home

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Maintaining a safe and secure atmosphere within the home is important to most consumers today. Having access to video surveillance footage can help prevent many crimes, and provide valuable evidence that could help lead to the arrest of anyone committing criminal activity within your home.

Camouflaging your video surveillance equipment will prevent would-be criminals from tampering with your equipment, ensuring you get quality footage. Here are three creative ways you can disguise your surveillance equipment at home.

1. Invest in a camera that mimics everyday objects.

Most people know what a video camera looks like, so investing in surveillance equipment that mimics the appearance of everyday objects can be a great way to get surveillance footage without letting anyone know they are being filmed.

Thanks to advancements in technology that have allowed recording equipment to be shrunken down to a smaller scale, cameras can be hidden inside objects like toothbrushes, air freshener cans, or tissue boxes. Investing in one of these creative cameras will allow you to camouflage your surveillance activities at home.

2. Incorporate hidden cameras into your existing CCTV system.

If you already have a security system in place, employees or other individuals looking to do something illegal within your home will likely be aware of the existence of these cameras and avoid being caught doing anything suspicious in areas where they know they are being filmed.

You can take advantage of your existing CCTV system by incorporating some hidden cameras disguised as technological components into your system. Since these hidden cameras aren't easily visible, you will be able to obtain video surveillance of individuals within your home without raising suspicion.

3. Use your home decor as a cover.

Drapery can have a significant impact on the design of your room, but it can also serve as a valuable hiding place when it comes to camouflaging a security camera. Investing in a small spy camera will give you the ability to hide the camera on the curtain rods inside your home.

Not only will the camera be concealed, but you will be able to record the events unfolding in your home from an unobstructed perspective.

Obtaining video surveillance within your home can help you feel more secure. Be sure that you take the time to think about concealing any surveillance equipment to maximize your chances of catching employees or other individuals committing crimes within your home in the future.