How To Reduce The Chances Of A Fire In Your Office

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Fires can be terrifying anywhere, but they can be especially stressful if they happen at work. If a fire happens in your company's office, you might lose hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment, technology, and plans. Here are some ways to prevent a fire from happening in your office in the first place and to reduce the damage that a fire would cause.

1. Post Reminder Signs In the Kitchen to Increase Safety

If you have a microwave in your office kitchen or office break room, you are going to want to make sure that you post a sign that reminds anyone using the microwave to make sure that they've removed all the metal from anything that they put in the microwave. When you put metal in a microwave, it can easily catch on a fire. Having reminders posted will help decrease the chances that an employee accidentally microwaves a dish of pasta before removing the metal spoon that he or she used to stir it.

If you have a gas stove in your office kitchen or break room, you are going to need to post similar reminders on the stove itself and on the door that leads out of the break room that tell employees to check to make sure that they turned off the gas before leaving. Having these reminders will allow the gas stove to only be used when someone is actively supervising it.

29% of office fires happen due to kitchen equipment. Reduce the chances that you have an office fire that joins this statistic by hanging reminder signs.

2. Schedule Regular Electrical Maintenance

If the electrical system in your building should become frayed, it might spark and start a fire. This is a huge problem that you can be easily remedied by simply having your electrical system looked at and maintained once every six months. Build this maintenance into your budget as a kind of insurance against fires.

3. Install a Suppression System

Finally, by installing a sprinkler system or some other type of fire suppression system in your office building, you can ensure that any fire that does occur does not get out of hand and is extinguished within a short period of time after being confined to one area of the building. This will help you reduce the overall amount of damage that you have to pay for should a fire occur.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in fire suppression systems.