Pet Protection Agency: Keep Your Fur Baby Protected With Home Security Measures

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Though you may have home safety measures to keep all of the human's safe, you may want to think twice about the security for the animals. If you have dogs or cats, they may wander outside, sit at the windows, or need their own way back into the home. There are ways to give them a little bit of freedom while allowing them to stay safe. Here are some home security measures for your pet.

Smart doggy door

While a regular doggy door is something that you often saw in the suburbs, a door that anyone can get into is not safe. The best way to allow your animal to let themselves in and out of the yard, while making sure no one else can get back in, is to have a smart doggy door. Place a collar on your dog or cat with a sensor that activates the doggy door. Also remember to add a weight sensor to the door. Set the sensor to the weight of your largest animal within several pounds, in the event that they gain weight. This will allow your animals to come inside, but make sure that you are alerted if they try to bring in extra "friends". Remember to put a camera near the door so that you can monitor the in and out traffic.

Invisible fencing

A dog or cat getting excited and running into the street is one of the worst nightmares of many pet owners. Dogs can get struck by passing motorists or they can run and get lost. An invisible fence will give your pet a zap when they attempt to run past the perimeter of the invisible fencing. This will send the pet running back in the direction of your yard. If you love to play with your pet in the yard and want to protect them from possible chasing a stray ball or being lured away, an invisible fence works without obstructing a view.

Pet tracker

If your pet is being taken for a walk and somehow gets loose, you will need the proper technology to track them down. Attach a pet GPS and monitoring system to your cat or dog to keep them in eyesight even while you are gone. The GPS can be set up to connect to your computer or smart phone and will allow you to see the coordinates of your pet's location any time you log in. Some pet trackers also give you activity alerts, that let you know what your pet is doing and how long they have been active. This will allow you to track your pet and bring the proper materials (water, food, cool down towels) if they have been in any kind of distress. To find out more, speak with a company like Digital Security.