Keeping Your New Small Business Safe During Closed Hours

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If you had just opened your own business, you are most likely very busy in trying to advertise to entice customers into your establishment. While you will want them in your building during open hours, you will want to keep people on the exterior of your building when you are not tending to the business. Keeping a small business safe from theft should move up your list of priorities during your grand opening days. Here are some ways you can protect your building from theft while you are in the process of getting situated.

Use Light To Deter

While you are getting used to your new building, test out the lighting within to make sure it is bright enough to illuminate portions of the interior so people can see in from the outside. It is best to have it bright so if someone does get in the building during off-hours there is a better chance they will be seen by someone passing by.

Switch the lights you turn on each night. This will keep anyone who may be keeping an eye on your building from knowing whether someone is inside or not. If you turn the same lights on each night, a pattern will be noticed and it can be used to a thief's advantage.

Invest In Some Signs

During the first few weeks after opening, you may be too busy to get around to installing an alarm system or a service may be too busy to get to you immediately to put it in. During this time, fool others into thinking you already have one in place. Put security stickers in your windows and place an alarm protection notification sign out front of your property. These can be purchased at a home goods or hardware store. Consider putting up a "Beware of Dog" sign as well.

Hire Some Help

Consider hiring someone to walk around in the interior of the building during working hours to watch who comes into the establishment. This person can pretend to be a customer while observing the behavior of others. This may tip you off to someone who may be of interest if a theft does indeed occur while you are getting established.

Consider having a security guard in the building during off-hours until you are able to have an alarm system installed. Have a professional locksmith evaluate how secure your existing doors and locks are. They can make a lock improvement and give you some tips in ways to better secure the building. If you're looking for a commercial security system, visit A Tech / Easy Living Store.