Own A Rental Home? Make It More Secure With These Five Easy Tips

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Owning a rental home can provide you with an extra source of income and be a great asset if home values in the area increase, but it does come with some unique challenges. Since you will not be living in the home, you may think that you will not have as much control over the security of the home. However, with some easy additions and rule changes, you can make the home substantially more secure--for the peace of mind of your tenants and yourself.

Install Bright, Motion-Activated Flood Lights Outside

If the outside of your rental home is dark, it may have a higher chance of being broken into. An effective way to fix this is by installing flood lights that are triggered automatically by any motion. When choosing lights, make sure that they have a wide range--somewhere between 180 to 270 degrees, and are effective at picking up motion a good distance away. These can act like a security system of sorts. 

Set Up Dusk to Dawn Lighting

Along with flood lights that click on when motion is detected, consider installing separate lights that will help make the home look lived in. Dim lights that are kept on throughout the night is an effective way of deterring potential burglars without being so bright that they reduce the curb appeal or blind someone when returning home.

Keep Up with Landscape Maintenance

Overgrown brush is an ideal hiding spot for burglars, making it vital that the landscaping is taken care of. Whether you choose to remove the brush on your own, hire professionals, or put this responsibility on the tenants in the lease, you will need to keep overgrown brush out of the yard for safety reasons.

Provide a Security Bar for All Sliding Doors

If there are any sliding doors in the rental home, it is imperative that some extra security is put in place to prevent the door from being easily opened. A security bar can be installed in just minutes and at a reasonable cost, which will help to prevent the door from sliding open with ease.

Allow Large Dogs in Your Rental

Many dog breeds make fantastic guard dogs, including the German Shepherd, Akita, and Doberman, making the decision to allow large dogs a smart one. With these dogs present at your rental home, your tenants can feel safe and the risk of the home being broken into will be reduced.

As you prepare for making a rental home the ideal place for any potential tenants, you need to consider the security of the home and what improvements can be made. With some of the above tips in mind, you and your tenants can feel confident in the security of the place.