What Is the Role of Video Surveillance in a Small Business?

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As a small business owner, it is natural that you should be worried about theft and pilferage. These crimes can wipe out your small business or stagnate it. You also face another kind of theft in the form of misuse of work hours by your employees. It is a kind of theft because you pay for less productivity than you are getting. What is the role of video surveillance in securing your business against these threats?

Reviewing Security Incidents 

Video recording is very useful when you are trying to figure out security incidents like burglary. Which door did the burglar come through? How did he identify where the valuables are? You can get answers to such questions by reviewing your video surveillance. 

Video surveillance is also very useful when trying to figure out employee theft. Employee pilferage can be subtle and unnoticeable for a long time. But video surveillance can help you see patterns to establish an employee's criminality. You can be of more help to law enforcement officers by providing security camera footage. This footage forms part of the prosecution's evidence to convict the criminal.

Remote Monitoring 

Who or what will secure your business while you are away on vacation? Many small business owners grapple with this concern and limit their vacation plans to match their business security concerns. 

With an internet-connected camera, you can check in and review what your cameras are seeing. You can install security cameras at vantage points where their motion sensors will send an alert when there is an illegal entry. You can alert nearby law enforcement to respond right away whenever there is a threat. It allows you to make more flexible vacation plans and actually relax. 

Protection From Liability Claims 

Small businesses are often under the threat of litigious claims. For example, a customer may slip and get injured on the premises. Claims can also arise internally when employees get injured on the job. Employees you fired for misconduct can also sue.

Video surveillance is very useful in establishing liability when such cases arise. For example, you can see if a customer fell genuinely or pretended to fall. You can also show security camera footage when justifying disciplinary action against errant staff. Having video surveillance is also helpful in lowering your insurance premiums. The insurance company rates your security assessment as good because security cameras deter crime. Your reward will be lower insurance premiums.

Are you concerned about the security of your small business? Talk to security systems providers about security options you can implement affordably.