Four Ways an Access Control System Can Benefit Your Business

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In the past, business owners used heavy-duty locks to protect their commercial buildings. But today, criminals have become more and more inventive, calling for advanced security systems. This explains the growing popularity of access control systems.

Access control systems offer you complete control over who can enter your business. You can simply assign a keycard, a PIN code, a biometric indicator, or a unique key fob to employees based on their specific security clearances. Keep reading to learn how an access control system will benefit your business. 

Allow Contactless Entry

As the world strives to control COVID-19 infections, businesses and organizations need to limit germs spread within their workplaces. Unfortunately, this may be challenging if your employees are still touching shared surfaces like elevator buttons and doorknobs. 

With access control systems, your employees can use their keycards to access all areas within the building. The external personnel coming into your business, like the delivery drivers, can also be granted temporary remote access instead of having employees welcome them; thus, reducing face-to-face exposure. 

Eliminate the Use of Traditional Keys

Traditional keys come with numerous challenges for businesses. You have to make key copies for every employee that needs access to specific areas. For individuals requiring entry to multiple areas, like the manager or janitor, that can mean carrying around a bunch of keys and the confusion of which key opens where. 

If an employee leaves without returning their key, you have to rekey or replace the locks for the security of your business. By installing an access control system, no one has to carry multiple keys around. And, if an employee quits work, you can simply deactivate their keycard, change the passcodes, or revoke their permissions. 

Reduce Theft Cases

Think again if you thought workplace theft could only be propagated by outside criminals. Research shows that U.S. businesses lose around $50 billion every year from employee theft.  Luckily, access control systems can reduce workplace theft regardless of whether it's caused by outsiders or insiders. 

Outside criminals cannot gain access to restricted areas. As for your employees, you can track who entered where and at what time of the day they did it. If a laptop was stolen from a specific area, it's easier to catch the perpetrator and prevent further theft from occurring. 

Protect Your Employees

Traditional locks can compromise an employee's safety when they have to stand outside and wait for the person with the keys to the front office door. With an access control system, one only needs to enter a PIN or swipe a card, and they are inside within seconds. 

Once inside the office, the employees also feel safe because only authorized persons can enter. This allows them to focus on their work without worrying about outside threats. 

If you're thinking about investing in a commercial security system, be sure to contact a local provider.