Mistakes To Avoid When Installing A Commercial Security System

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One of the most important considerations for any business or corporation is security. A business with a weak security system is vulnerable to data loss and other devastating security breaches. Therefore, when installing a commercial security system, try to avoid the following mistakes.

Bad Placement of Security Cameras

Many business owners buy cheap cameras and place them anywhere on their property. However, there is a science behind placing security cameras. When using security cameras to deter thieves, you need to place them somewhere visible. If you want the cameras to gather significant evidence, place them at a location where they can easily pick identifying features. 

The first step when installing security cameras is to identify blind spots. This enables you to pick the right camera placement that covers your entire building. Additionally, invest in cameras with high resolution and advanced features for quality images.

Lax Implementation of Security Protocols

Another mistake business owners make when installing commercial security systems is the lax implementation of security protocols. One of the essential security measures is enforcing badge and ID requirements to control access. When all workers are made to display their IDs, it's easy to monitor access to sensitive departments and identify unauthorized persons.

Many commercial security systems make exceptions for high-ranking managers. This personnel is allowed to bypass security and access any area of the building. For security protocols and access control to be effective, everyone should use them, including the boss.

Choosing Aesthetics Over Security

Every business owner wants their building to be aesthetically appealing. However, you shouldn't give more weight to aesthetics over security. For example, leaving an area vulnerable because entry keypads or surveillance cameras will ruin the aesthetics and compromise the security of your building.

Don't be afraid for your security cameras to be visible. They not only deter criminals but they also show your clients and visitors that you have a tight security system in place.

Failing to Hire a Monitoring Service 

If you don't have security guards working round the clock to watch your surveillance feeds and patrol the grounds, consider hiring a monitoring service. The service will watch your video system and burglar alarms.

In some cases, monitoring services watch your business through a remote connection. If there is a tripped alarm, unauthorized activity, or suspicious movement in your business building, the monitoring service will contact the authorities and follow other appropriate security protocols.

To Wind Up

When installing a commercial security system, ensure you hire a professional in security system installations. Compare the quotes of different service providers before making your choice. Also, remember to train your staff and security personnel on all security systems, rules, and protocols.